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          Lisa Schrader Continues Family Tradition of Housing Addicts in Recovery

Located in Tacoma’s McKinley district, Schrader’s Safehouse has proudly

served the area’s men in recovery from addiction for over 30 years.

The original organization was started by the late Ed Schrader.  It was initially named as My House, and then Duwey House, in memory of a house manager, eventually becoming known as Schrader’s Safehouse.  Since its inception approximately 30 years ago, the “safehouse,” which is defined as a house that is safe from drugs and alcohol, has served hundreds of alcohol and drug addicts.  The house was initially owned by Ed’s sister, so it has been in the family for decades.

When Ed died 13 years ago, his wife, Veada, owned the house, and the day-to-day operation was handled by Marvin Lucht, who has lived there now for the past 18 years.  Within five years, Lucht purchased the home.  The house is currently being rented from Lucht by Ed’s daughter, Lisa Schrader, who handles the day to day operations.  She provides transitional housing for a reasonable price as residents continue on the road to recovery.  There is space available for nine residents and two staff, a manager, and an assistant. According to Lucht, Ed Schrader’s friend, and a Vietnam veteran, “the spirit of this place is not to make money, but to help people recover.  The foundation of the home is that of trust and  respect.”
It is a six bed, two bath residence (which has a bonus room upstairs when needed), and two of the bedrooms are doubles.  Each room has a television, cable, and internet, and laundry facilities, toiletries, condiments, and some food are provided. The house is self supporting with residents paying rent.  Depending on their circumstances, rent could be subsidized, or partially subsidized by government funding, or otherwise paid outright by a resident.  Stays can be indefinite, as long as sobriety is maintained and a resident remains in compliance with the house rules.  Residents must do assigned chores and display an attitude of accountability in order to stay. 

“There is nothing like handing a resident clean sheets,” says Lisa Schrader, indicating this and other such experiences can be “humbling.”

Lisa Schrader said the house is a “clean, safe place.”  They are like family there, according to Lisa Schrader, and are good neighbors both within the house and in the neighborhood.   

Recovery is a passion for Lisa Schrader who would eventually like to open a home for women in addition to maintaining the current home.  Her business is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, and is a Woman Owned Business.  Lisa currently provides support to women at the Washington Corrections Center for Women in Gig Harbor, WA, just outside of Tacoma. She also supports AA meetings in Purdy, WA. 

Regardless, she would continue to operate Schrader’s Safehouse in memory of her father and in support of the Tacoma Community.


“You learn to live life on life’s terms,” says Lisa Schrader, quoting her father, Ed.  This perfectly which perfectly describes the continued mission of Schrader’s Safehouse, located at:  3574 E Howe Street, Tacoma, WA 98404.    

Helping Schrader's Safehouse is like helping someone in your family.

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