Schrader’s Safehouse:  It works because:

  • We minimize residency pressure by removing short-term occupancy rules, without limit;

  • We democratically operate;

  • We all pledge abstinence with the expectation of expulsion if found using;

  • Landed support costs are built into housing rent, but each house operates extra services, via self-support.  

Schrader’s Safehouse provides the tools needed by most alcoholics and drug addicts to develop behaviors to assure total abstinence. Our housing provides the time, peer support and structured environment for long- term behavior change to take place, and stick. Residents living in a Schrader’s Safehouse start learning how to live sober lives.


Some individuals coming into the household need to be taught basic living skills: Hygeine, manners, Etiquette, etc... while living in Schrader’s Safehouses for a few months; others for years, this positive influence is contagious. The house depends on democracy, facilitated through the managing property owner / peer-to-peer support; alcoholics, drug addicts and those with mental illness can receive the tools to develop long-term recovery within the walls of a Schrader’s Safehouse.

After 30 years of keeping one house successful, Schrader’s Safehouse has earned the resources and status as a proven affordable housing program. In addition to being affordable housing, the house also provides a cost-effective way to support long-term recovery from alcoholism, drug addiction and chronic mental illness. At the end of 2018, Schrader’s Safehouse currently has 10 beds, with the focus of supporting at least 10+ more in 2019.


Schrader’s Safehouse modules itself after what works in affordable housing industry. Watching the list of best practices on the National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices [NREPP] and the Oxford House was singled out as an effective tool for long-term recovery.  We have created a similar program and want to add some family to its approach!

Living Life on Life's Term:

Sober people, doing sober things, learning sober stuff.

Our Mission

For the past 30 years Schrader’s SafeHouse has provided a new way of living to those in need of housing. The mission at Schrader’s SafeHouse is to transition individuals from treatment centers, jails, and other institutions into supportive housing. We believe that an individual's chances to recover are greater when they live in an environment that fosters support, accountability, and resources for their recovery.                                              


Our Vision

Our vision is to insure that anyone anywhere striving to live in recovery will have a safe and supportive HOME to do so in.

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